Sunday, 18 May 2014

May 2014 - an update

I have been a teacher for a few weeks now and although it is very different world from running an analytical laboratory I seem to be coping. In theory I am supposed to be shadowing the current post holder who will be retiring at the end of the summer term but in practice for about half the time I am the only teacher in the classroom.

As with many working mothers it is the childcare situation that causes more day to day stress than the world of work. Ella works three days a week so for the two days she isn't at the Law Centre she looks after Nicola and Alice. It is the other two days that are more of a problem. It is hard to predict exactly when either of us will finish work for the day so it follows that it is hard to have a fixed time to pick up the girls. But a fixed time is what the nursery wants so it can plan its staffing levels.

Our friend "Old Timer" - he is 60 - has got engaged! Full details were in his latest blog entry and the edited highlights appeared on the forum where we first met him.

Rosemary and I got engaged last night and this group was the reason I did. People I met here made me brave enough to do what I wanted to do. They helped me know it was stupid going through life with people either ignoring you or taking advantage of you.

We are going to live over in west wales at her B&B which we will run together. I will sell my house in England and become a Taff instead. It will be a small wedding because foster children don't have big family events.

Before I proposed I did wonder what my dear Jane would think of what was happening. But as I said to my friends here when you get married you only stay married "until death you do part" so Jane probably doesn't mind me starting again.

It is just before 4AM but I am too excited to sleep. I thought I was too old for excitement!

Didi and 38DD have made a brilliant start with the new "by invitation only" blog. The "hits per week" are around the 200 to 300 mark and the amount of news submitted by our friends is way up on what it used to be. The previous open access blog was something of a mistake and I accept responsibility for the cock-up. It seemed a good idea at the time!

People who were not in a children's home or in foster care generally have little or no interest in people who were forced down this route. Even the specialist groups that exist to support foster carers have nothing on offer for former foster children. It all seems very strange to me!