Monday, 6 October 2014

Update - October 6 2014

News from our friends

Didi and Magda - Regulars will remember that over Christmas it seemed that their relationship was back on again. It was all quite dramatic and romantic with Magda arriving unannounced at the infamous South Wales bash to talk to Didi. There were lots of tears and laughter and what we all hoped was a happy ending. 
But it wasn't to be. Within a few weeks Magda had flown back to Norway. The story that was put out for public consumption was that it was for a holiday with her parents but now we know that she didn't expect to be coming back to England. She certainly hasn't been seen by anybody in our circle of friends since late January so we think she must have left Gloucester then. 

Magda and Didi exchanged regular "just good friends" emails for a few months but in early July 2014 even that stopped.

In late September 2014 I received, a totally unexpected, email from Magda. At the moment she has no plans to return to England. She has a job and she has moved back in with her parents and her brother. She says that she still has a "Didi shaped hole" in her life but that she wasn't and isn't ready to enter into a legal same-sex relationship at the moment and that separation was better than shared disappointment.

So that seems to be it - one good friend gone from our lives, probably for good, and another left emotionally battered.

I have a lovely picture of Didi, Magda and our two babies sitting together in our lounge and I hope that perhaps one day fate will allow us all to meet up again. 
Sparky - Sparky has moved from somebody we knew via the forum, to a friend, to a close, as in inner circle, friend in the last nine months! Sparky is resilient, sensible and fun to be with and her boyfriend and his sister are similarly lovely.

It is fair to say that Sparky can be rather "firm but fair" in her opinions and her views on "Honey" - as in "archive deleting" Honey - are certainly not for sensitive ears!

Old Timer - He has now left his job in a Wolverhampton school and has moved to West Wales to live with his wife-to-be. We are all genuinely excited for him. If anybody deserves to find happiness and security it is him!

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