Saturday, 10 January 2015

Life after Romulus and Remus

Life goes on I suppose. The few good days, the whole mass of ordinary days and the few bad days. Coping with the loss of our cats has added to the bad day column in a way that a non-pet-owner could never imagine.

We have put the bed they shared for so long down in the cellar. We don't have any immediate plans to visit the refuge to get another cat or cats but it is certainly something we might consider doing when our initial pain has gone away and we are able to make a calmer, more rational decision.

To balance the sadness about Romulus and Remus we have the happiness that Didi and Magda are back together. Well nearly back together. Magda is living in a bed-sit in town rather than sharing Didi's staff flat in the hotel but I think it is just a matter of time! :)

We haven't seen Magda yet although we have spoken on the phone. Nicola and Alice spoke to her as well - in as far as any 2 year old can conduct a conversation!

My life as a teacher is rather more difficult to place into a neat position on the good to bad scale. It would score 6 or 7 out of 10 I suppose. I think it is the lack of colleagues who are the same age as me that is the biggest single issue. I don't seem to have that much in common with ladies in 40s or 50s because most of the people I have known in the past who have been that age have either been a foster parent to me or a social worker or an employee in the Children's Home. None of these three groups inspire many happy or loving memories.

Finally there are the homophobic emails I have been receiving. The police have been become involved so I cannot write too much. The campaign leader of the senders is an evangelical American whose name is known to me from previous "interactions"!

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