Friday, 15 May 2015

Have they done a runner?

Ella here. My birth parents Mr and Mrs Nut Job have vanished. In a puff of toxic smoke no doubt.

This strange story has been going on for while. It just keeps on getting weirder. The house they had built was on land I was given and this makes them so cross. They always thought that as my parents they could just steal it off me. But the source of the gift was cunning and made it so they couldn't do anything until I was 18. Once I was 18 I was on my own.

Birth Parents tried to sell the house not long ago. Freehold! Which it wasn't. This didn't please the estate agent - they don't like sellers who lie. But now it has been rented out and they have vanished. Owing money all over the place.

How do I know all this? Because their solicitor phoned me wanting their new address. Yes they owe her money, I guess she will just have to get in line with the rest.

My BM isn't totally bad. She was weak, too weak to do anything about the abuse she saw daily. Too weak to tell the truth to the police when social services (via the school) got involved. But in her own way she still loves me.

My BF was OK until I started growing curves. Then he wasn't. I will always hate him, forgive and forget isn't part of me. I'm not surprised he has run away like a coward. I'm surprised he stuck around so long but his business was local so moving would have been hard. Eve always says that my BF likes to rewrite history. I bet most of his friends don't even know he has a daughter. The last I heard there wasn't a single family photo on show in their house and I have long since been disinherited.

BF has a drink problem, a violence problem and a brain problem. Apart from that he is fine!

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