Friday, 26 June 2015

Ella's wedding

Ella here, it’s my turn to write this week. I thought I would write about my wedding. Things like weddings can be hard for foster kids and similar people. I was in touch with my birth parents at this time but they had zero interest in my affairs. They didn’t want to attend but Eve made them. Their money contribution to the wedding was a whole £50.
I married Mark at the old Town Hall and the reception was 30 seconds down the road in a pub. After the reception we went on honeymoon (Eve’s present to us). We drove up to Scotland in our old car.
My honeymoon was,
My first time in Scotland
My first time staying in a hotel
My first time swimming in the sea
My first time seeing a Sea Eagle
My first time eating porridge – horrid beyond belief
My first time having a four course meal
My first time trying to play the bagpipes
It makes me a bit jealous when I see the expensive weddings that normal people seem to have. It was also sad that in all the photos with my Birth Parents on my Dad looks bored and cross.
Just after the wedding Eve wrote this in our blog -
“Ella didn't get married in a church but she looked so lovely that my eyes developed a rather mysterious leak. I managed to get her BM and BF to attend although in his case I had to get rather assertive to make certain he was on his best behaviour. I don't think the other guests realised that they have hardly spoken (as in about three times) since Ella was in year 10 at school. It was a small affair but (almost) everybody present knew and loved Ella and that is all that mattered to her.”

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