Thursday, 10 September 2015

Making something that is good even better.

The 2015 Mega Meet Conference  - lessons we learned

Our close friend Lulu Big Tits did most of the work setting up the conference with a small team helping her once the event had started. She has now made it quite clear that she will never organise a conference on her own again! She has created a folder of hints and tips that she will pass on to the next group leader once the venue has been agreed.

By far the most important advice is to get everything in writing because if you don't the hotel managers will cheerfully break the promises they have made to you previously. As an example we were promised sole use of the restaurant from 1800hrs to 2000hrs but when Lulu and Ella arrived at 17:40 to put out the seating plan the restaurant manager was just about to put a family of 4 on one of our reserved tables. But because Lulu had the proof of what had been agreed he had to "unseat them" again. I gather the family were not very impressed! 
The 2000 to 2200 hours "gap" - This was something that we hadn't thought through properly and I'm pleased that a three people mentioned on their feedback sheets so that future conference organisers can get it right next time. "After the meal finished the delegates tended to split up into friendship groups and either sit in the bar in a close-knit group or depart together to who knows where. I attended the conference on my own and I felt rather ignored and abandoned on the Saturday evening. Next time could something be organised for people like me?" 
On the other hand the last minute decision to introduce allocated seating for the evening meals while initially being unpopular ended up being a great success that was widely praised!  "I had been rather dreading the meals. It can be quite stressful when you have to wonder around the tables looking for a seat that hasn't been taken only to find when you do find a seat that the other 7 on the table all know each other."
The only other major issue was the gender balance of the delegates. We, as a group, didn't managed to get many lads to come along. It was a fraction over 20% which was disappointing so if anybody had any ideas what to do about this please say something.

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