Friday, 29 January 2016

Lost and found - a January project!

During the long and rather boring weeks after Christmas and the New Year Ella and I made a real effort to track down some former friends who we hadn't heard from for at least six months.

We had three successes and one failure.

Jam Tart was a former subscriber to the Adoption and Fostering in the UK forum and that is where we first met him. His own parents had been long-term foster parents so he didn’t have many illusions about the realities of being a foster child. His life experience meant he was one of the few people who could empathise with our situation. After several unsuccessful attempts to telephone him we finally made contact on January 24th. He is fine but his recent promotion to Head of Science at a nearby school means that he has almost no free time in his personal timetable. At least now we are now up-to-date with each other's news!

Kitty B is a close friend of Ella’s Mother-in-Law. She has been a foster parent for many years and, kind soul that she is, has offered Ella and I some excellent advice and support more than once. In 2013 she decided to stop fostering for a while because her final teen has been moved onwards and upwards and she decided that she needed a break from all the stress. The firm her husband works for is moving their entire operation to Coventry and all the uncertainty and upset caused by this has made for a very unpleasant 2015. 

Reigning Monarch has a lot in common with Kitty B in that she too has been fostering for many years. She lives near Blackpool and has met up with some of our friends from there a couple of times. She too has had a very stressful 2015. Her Mother died in July and her Father has moved into a residential nursing home. He is mentally very alert but the combination of Parkinson's Disease and frailty has made it impossible for him to live on his own.

Peter From Upstairs was invited to our Christmas Open House but didn't reply or turn up. None of our friends have seen or heard from him in a while so we drove over (with the little ones in tow because they wanted an "adventure"!) to his last known address. The flat is obviously lived in but as there was nobody at home when we called so we don't know if he is still living there. We left him a note but so far we haven't heard anything back and we think he may have moved away?




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