Friday, 4 March 2016

Who is the grown-up now?

Ella here

My Birth Mother, Mrs Nut Job, is still in Spain, still moaning, still wanting to come home and still wanting to live with me. Once a week a letter arrives. They never change, always full of things she wants people to do for her. Never any offer to something for somebody else. It just goes on and on until I could scream.

She is just like a little child. A spoilt little child, the sort that people at the nursery want to avoid. Mrs Nut Job had every opportunity. She had a nice house, a husband who owned a successful business, no need to work. Then she threw it all away. She had the chance to stop the abuse I suffered, she bottled it loads of times. She could have spoken up when the school got the police involved. She lied instead. Every beeping time she could have taken my side she didn't.

She hasn't learned her lesson. No skills, shed loads of expensive habits, no sense of cause and effect. She just wants to rewrite history and to sponge off me, basically for ever.

Well she isn't going to.

Pretty much everything I have ever achieved has been zero to do with her. I don't owe her anything, she doesn't deserve anything from me. Why should I inflict her on other people that I do care about?

If she wants a divorce then she can sort it out. If she wants to move back to England then she can sort it out. If she wants a job or a home then she can beep beep well sort it out for herself. It isn't my problem or my responsibility. If she choose to live with and lie for my BF, him with the drink problem, a violence problem and a brain problem then that is her choice.

Just don't keep running to me.

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