Thursday, 12 December 2013

AC/DC - a guest blogger. Part 3

The news is that I have been promoted. I am allowed to wear clothes when being photographed. Ha, ha, ha! I am one of the models the agency is using for a Polish clothes catalog. I have all sorts of different things to wear. Some are quite smart and look nice but some make me look stupid. It is a good thing it is quite well paid.

I am going to try to cook Christmas dinner for the first time this year. Robbie says he is going to help but he a bit gets in the way in the kitchen. I will get him to look after the guests instead. Kenna and her boyfriend are going to be with us so we will have a good time. We have agreed to keep an eye on the house my foster parents live in (joined onto our little flat) as they are going to be away for the whole week.

Sometimes I get a bit sad at Christmas because I think about my proper Mum and Dad and imagine what might have happened if they had been normal. I think Robbie and Kenna are a bit sad too about their parents but try not to show it.

I hope everybody has a fab time. I will post again in the new year.

AC/DC (or Sparky)

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