Friday, 13 March 2015

Shopping with the little ones

On Fridays Eve is a work and I'm not. That makes me the sole carer once she (plus husbands) have driven off.

Nicola and Alice love going to nursery but Fridays are extra special. On Friday we go shopping as a team. During the week the list gradually builds up until by Friday it is a medium sized book. I look round the house hoping somebody has left a pile of money lying around - usually they haven't. So it is the cash machine and Nicola and Alice love the cash machine. They go so excited when I tell them that they can help me use it.

Getting two 2 year olds ready to go out isn't quick. When it is raining and cold it is even slower. "Can Teddy come too" - "It is too cold for him" - "But he has a woolly coat". And so it goes on, and on.

The Mother and Toddler spaces are usually full. Of the lazy and inconsiderate, not with Mothers. But this week we are lucky there is a space. Just one problem. A big puddle either side of the car.

Nicola and Alice remember where some of the things they like can be found. They love the "Ella has forgotten" game and so they help me find the bananas and the bread. If I buy Marmite I get into trouble since "Marmite is nasty" - "As nasty as Billy from Play Group"!

When we have finished we go to the café. We all have a drink and they share a banana. They chatter away to each other so I have a think. It's Eve's least favourite lesson of the week on Friday morning. So I beam brainy and patient thoughts to her.

On the way home we call in at the church. I'm not religious really but Eve used to be so lighting a candle is just what I sometimes do. Today I remembered our friend Nicola, she died in hospital a few years ago. Wherever she is I hope she is safe and warm and happy.

Then it is lunch for the girls. I just have a snack as the grown-ups eat in the evening. Then playtime or sleep time or both for the little ones until the other three come home safe and sound.


  1. I've never heard a sweeter story of shopping with little ones. Thanks for sharing and making me smile!