Friday, 6 March 2015

How Eve and I (try to stay) positive!

Ella here. It is my turn again.

We don't have many proper grown up in our lives. One is our adult mentor (and our publisher). He taught us a new phrase this week, "Everything that goes wrong in the world is either due to a cock up or to a conspiracy, usually the first." It made us laugh when we were able to use his words the very next day.

Sometimes one of us (usually Eve!) gets impatient when things don't happen straight away. For ages we used to think that people were like that on purpose, just because of who we were. We got bored of getting cross so instead we expected the worst and when it didn't happen we felt pleased.

It was like this with our front garden wall. The builder came round before Christmas to give a quote. We said yes but then he never came back. So instead of getting cross we phoned him and his wife said he was in hospital after a fall. Cock up 1, conspiracy 0!!

There is another getting impatient event brewing. Our adult mentor sent out review copies of our book ages ago plus copies of his other (astronomy) books to magazines. But most of the reviews have not been done yet. The people all have different excuses but it just that doing promised things isn't their most important job.

Eve and I try to be the best parents we can be. We know we don't have models to copy but if we try our hardest then if things go wrong we don't blame ourselves too much. There are lots of people worse off than us. Alice and Nicola are happy and healthy and that is what really matters. It would be nice for Nicola to have 4 grandparents to spoil her like most of her little friends seem to have. But she hasn't and me feeling sad isn't going to change that is it?

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  1. I think trying to stay positive is often at least half the battle. You girls give me a lot of hope for my little boy!