Friday, 24 April 2015

Billy from Play Group - the story continues

Ella here.
It was all drama yesterday at nursery!  When I arrived with Alice and Nicola I was told that a "managed move" had been agreed for Billy. "More appropriate provision has been made" was what I was told. 
I was a bit worried that other carers would blame me for causing trouble. But people were glad Billy had gone. Most of them said they had been worried for ages but they hadn’t done anything. It always makes me a bit cross when people are like this. I want to ask them, “Where were you when I was complaining three months ago?” Eve calls them band waggon-jumpers who agreed with us but were too scared to speak out until somebody else did first. I kept quiet through as I had got what I wanted!

I can remember the food stealing at the Children’s Home. Some of the older boys used to steal food off the plates of other kids. They were like a gang. Sometimes all you had left was potato and peas because all the sausages or burgers were taken. We complained but nothing happened because people were too scared. In the end Eve stopped it by “accidently” sticking her fork into a grabbing hand and making the lad cry.  
Pretty much everything we have got since we were 16 we have had to struggle for. The system doesn’t work and so being feisty is the only thing to be.

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