Saturday, 4 April 2015

Chocolate in the Children's Home!

When Ella and I started living in a Children's Home we both found sharing very hard to do. Ella had often been "fined" meals by her abusive Birth Father and mealtimes had often been a flash point for violence and abuse. Anything to do with sharing food or giving up control of food was enormously difficult for her.

With me the whole idea of sharing was difficult - when I was in foster care I was expected to share the little I had with other children who had so much. It seemed so unfair to me that I had to share the only dolly I had with a person who already had dozens! I also used to hide food in my room so that I wouldn't have to share it.

When Ella and I started sharing a room with quickly started to share things - except for the chocolate and the biscuits. What was hers and what was mine in the world of chocolate was kept strictly separate!

One Saturday - quite soon after we earned the right to go shopping unsupervised - Ella saw a giant sized bar of chocolate on sale. It was too expensive for either of us to buy on our own so she suggested buying it between us. I can remember just like it was yesterday hiding it in our room so that it wouldn't get stolen by the lads or "redistributed" by the staff.

Our room used to get searched for contraband quite regularly. Contraband was a sort of catch-all phrase covering anything from food through to, I suppose, to class A drugs. Staff and lads in general were spectacularly bad at searches. Anything we wanted to the hide from accidental discovery went in our knickers drawer which the male manager and/or the lady assistant manager would just look in rather than rummage through. Sometimes we would feign indignation at him touching our underwear just to unsettle him!

Anything important like chocolate went in the box of "female hygiene products" which we left open and in full view. Nobody ever looked there properly. Certainly it was never emptied out and Abdul the manager never seemed to notice it. 
Ah, happy days!
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  1. Buddy used to hid his candy, too. Under the mattresses was a favorite spot. He also liked to keep things in his school bag, until he found a mouse munching on a cookie one time!