Friday, 2 October 2015

Visitors come to stay!

I need to explain to readers that don't know me personally who some of characters in this blog entry are otherwise things will be even more complicated to follow than normal! Didi and Magda are two of our (Eve and Ella's) closest friends. Until recently Didi was the Assistant Manager of a hotel in Gloucestershire and Magda worked in ICT a couple of miles away. Didi and Magda are "an item" and they lived together in the flat that goes with Didi's job.

Didi and Magda both have new jobs and they are currently residing in our spare room for the simple reason that both are now employed within three miles of our house. Yes the two of them have waved goodbye to Gloucestershire and have waved hello to the slightly less classy county of Worcestershire.

Didi is still an Assistant Manager of a hotel but it is a bigger and better hotel and so the job carries with it a bigger and better salary. Didi left her former post when her salary review was postponed for the third time and because she was tired of being mucked around. After she handed in her notice the Regional Manager tried to get her to stay but rightly, in our view, she told him, nicely, that once you have burned your employment bridges you should let them stay burned.

Magda arrived here a couple of days later, wondered into the city looking for work and then wondered back here two hours later with a job that started the following Monday. Now that is good going even for girl with her ICT skills! I didn't realise until I saw her passport that Magda is a British Citizen and not Norwegian as I had always thought. Her father is Norwegian but since Magda's mother was British and Magda was born in the UK she is also British. Just to complicate things Magda's parents currently do live in Norway!

Within a few days Didi and Magda found a house to rent. The current occupants are moving out at the middle of October so the two of them will be staying with us until then. It is a fair sized house, far larger than the staff flat they had lived in previously, so they will need to buy some additional furniture. On the plus side it is now much easier for them to have friends to stay.

It goes without saying that we are thrilled by the thought of seeing our best friends weekly rather than monthly so it is big smiles in our house at the moment.

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