Thursday, 15 October 2015

Yes my BPs HAVE done a runner

Yes they have done a runner.
Ella here. My birth parents Mr and Mrs Nut Job seem to have moved to Spain. I got a letter with Spanish stamps on it this week to prove it. It was BFs idea, of course. BM went with him because she doesn't know any better. She has been like this, weak, for the last 10 years. My BM isn't totally bad. But she cannot imagine working for a living or making a decision. I just try to defend her in my head by thinking she still loves me. 
And she isn't happy in Spain. Why doesn't that surprise me? He has found things to do, mainly building related and probably iffy. She just sits at home waiting for him to come back. She doesn't speak Spanish and doesn't want to. So her only semi-friends are other bored ex-English wives.
She wants to come home. He doesn't. No prizes for guessing who wins. I'm not expecting to see him again, probably ever. As soon as I saw the moan "Where would I live if I did come home?" I knew what was coming. She wants to live in our house. Knowing her no money status she would want it rent free. She hasn't worked since I was born, she has no skills any employer would want. She would never get a "proper job", which to her means being in charge. She would never be any good at a minimum wage job because she has too many expensive habits. I just do not see her in a small flat working in a zero hours contract job at minimum wages but that is all she can expect.
Anyway all the people they conned in the UK are still here. Still waiting for their money so her short holiday in the sun hasn't solved anything has it? BF still has a drink problem, a violence problem and a brain problem. It is now just in Spain rather than over here.
Since I have already been disinherited it is amazing that she thinks I should support  her!

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  1. My parents did the whole Spain thing but it didn't work out for them. It's not the utopian life people think and the thing about escaping anywhere is that you take "you" with you. Your birth family sound about as self aware as mine are. I'm also disinherited and don't see my family. It doesn't stop the feelings of guilt or responsibility flaring up for me though. I'm not sure if it's the same for you at all? I hate the anxiety it leaves. Be strong xx