Saturday, 7 February 2015

A visit to Children's Home Ville

We don't visit our old haunts as often as we used to in our pre Nicola and Alice days. The era of spontaneity - as in driving over on a whim to see which of our friends we could find - has been consigned (reluctantly) to the past.

So todays trip was a particular pleasure. We started off at the Garden Centre (Carly and Tom H), got some petrol (Tom T), then a lunchtime snack (Belle S) followed by us looking for some shelf brackets (Peter From Upstairs). Finally we met up with Alice N and Red Rose in the bar where Red Rose works.

All these were pre-arranged. then we, with our fingers crossed, also called on Angie D but the shop was too busy for even a brief chat. It was the same with Fergie Sings The Blues, too many people have died in this long cold spell and Fergie was away on a "job".

All the news we gathered has been forwarded to Didi for inclusion in the next newsletter.

As always we stood together at the corner from where I can see my former flat in one direction and Ella's former flat in the other. It is our special place. Sometimes it feels like only yesterday when we left Care and were placed in these flats but it was a long-long time ago. Pre-university, pre-marriage and pre-parenthood!! If I close my eyes I can still almost see Ella waving to me from her front window as I plodded off towards school!



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