Saturday, 28 February 2015

And in the end it all comes down to money - or time!

Alice and Nicola (both aged 2) don't understand money. Lucky them!  Lying in bed earlier this week I was listening to the Chief Executive of a "well known" bank on Radio 4 who was attempting to justify his £11 million "annual remuneration" .

What came over really strongly was the way that he linked how much somebody was paid to how much they were "worth" to society in general and his company in particular. What he couldn't see was that it was highly paid bankers who had created many of the problems and that it was another group of highly paid bankers who were now being employed to sort out the corruption and incompetence of the first group.

In the past it was difficult for foster children - and almost impossible for kids like Ella and I from a Children's Home - to get to university. The major disruption created by timing out at 18 comes at such a critical time in the education race that getting the grades needed to go into higher education can feel like an un-climbable barrier!

But if you don't have a degree then almost all the well paid jobs remain out of reach and so according to "Mr Banker" it means that many foster kids are not worth much to society. Thanks for that!

On a much, much smaller scale I would like to have a little moan about the casual way some folks don't follow through with obligations that they have freely entered into. About once a week somebody at school will ask me to swap playground duties - "I will do yours next Monday if you can do mine today" - except about a third of the time when Monday comes round they seem to have some complicated reason why they cannot do their half of the swap!

Do they think the rest of us don't notice that it is the same names that come up again and again in the staff room for this "crime"?

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  1. I often think about Buddy's friends who have not been adopted. Soon they will be on their own with no one to look out for them. They deserve so much more. Thanks for sharing your perspective on this issue.