Saturday, 7 February 2015

Not content with writing one book, now we have written a second one!

Baby Nicola’s Diary
The book is available through Amazon in the UK and the USA.

The original idea for “Baby Nicola’s Diary” came up at one of the regular meetings that Ella and I have with our Adult Mentor. He warned us that the first year of parenthood would flash past “in the blink of an eye” and that if we didn’t keep proper records we would soon forget some of this magical time.

The three of us agreed that the traditional baby book wasn’t what we wanted to create - after all Ella and I are not what most people would regard as traditional parents! We soon decided that the whole book should be written from the viewpoint of our babies rather than through the eyes of the grown-ups.

So Ella and I provided the raw material and the whimsical humour of our Adult Mentor then created the individual diary entries. Many of these make me laugh as much now as they did when I first read them.

“Just before we went home I saw a new animal I hadn't seen before close-up. It was called a rabbit and it was having a lie down in the road. It wasn't moving so perhaps it was having a little rest?”

This book would never have been completed without the whole-hearted support of our husbands. Nicola and Alice were so lucky to have such caring Daddies.

This book is dedicated to our two darling daughters. May all their years be as happy as their first!

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  1. Great idea!

    I have "What I said" books for both my children - where I writen down every really funny or charming thing they have said since they could speak. They're precious to me, and they love to occasionally go through their book and have a good laugh at themselves.