Friday, 15 November 2013

AC/DC - a guest blogger. Part 1

I have never been asked to be a guest blogger before.

Robbie and I have had fun this last two weeks. Because of the modelling work I've been doing we have had some extra money. On Sunday we went for lunch with my foster parents. It was nice that I was able to treat them for a change. I think they were a bit worried about me spending all my money but it made me happy to do something for them.

We are never going to be rich enough to have a car. But we are thinking of buying a cheap motor bike so we could go and see our friends more easily. I don't think my foster Mum is very keen on this idea because bikes can be dangerous.

On Wednesday I did a life modelling class for the WI. One of the people there was a lady from just across the road. It seemed strange her seeing me with nothing on! I'm glad she didn't have her husband or son with her.

Kenna is fine. I was right she does have a boyfriend. He is called Carl and is very thin and very tall and works as a garage mechanic. Kenna is still enjoying doing her modelling with me and the work she does for the NFU.

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