Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Old Timer - a guest blogger. Part 5

I expect that the youngsters on this group want to know how I got on. But a Gentleman doesn't discuss that sort of thing does he?

Actually I had a lovely time. For the first time since Jane died I managed to feel happy. Jane wouldn't have wanted me to mope around like a naughty child but that is quite close to what I've been done these last couple of years. I went over to Wales on Saturday and came back yesterday. Rosemary has a 5 guest room Bed and Breakfast which she keeps immaculate. You have to do that to keep the Tourist Board rating. We did all the things that tourists do except I gave having a paddle a miss as it was rather cold.

Rosemary should have gone to university. She is clever and can do things like general knowledge crosswords really quickly. But like so many foster children she didn't have the money or the support to follow her dreams and so she ended up working in catering and hospitality. She did quite a lot of moving around but still thinks of Hertfordshire as her home. She has kept in touch with three friends from her school days at the Girls High School in St Albans. All four of them are either divorced or widowed which seems sad.

Rosemary's Mum died many years ago from anorexia nervosa (before I knew Rosemary) and her Dad worked on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and then in the North Sea. He wasn't able to look after her which is why she got fostered. She hasn't heard from him for over 25 years but knows where he lives and that he remarried. It is hard to hide with so much information on Facebook and other silliness like that. It is strange that my mother and her mother both had eating disorders!

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