Friday, 29 November 2013

The December 2013 newsletter

It has been a real up and down month. Everybody is sad at the break-up between Didi and Magda. We love both of them dearly and it makes us feel sad to know that they are unhappy. Nobody was to blame for what happened - there wasn't any cheating going on - it was just that they wanted different things from the relationship and the competing demands couldn't be reconciled. Ella and I never take sides in these circumstances and I have spoken to them both and they are both being brave and sensible about what has happened.

OTOH Big Boss Lady is being short-sighted and rather insensitive. First Ella was going to have to leave. Then BBL said she could stay but only part time and on a "zero hours" contract. Unsurprisingly Ella said no. So BBL said she could stay full time but on a reduced salary. Still unsurprisingly Ella said no again. Ella then went out and got a job working in a law practice 3 days a week but on about 80% of what she was earning full-time when she was working for BBL. She starts there on December 9th. Nice one Ella!

OldKentRoad has been and gone again! She stayed with us for three weeks but wasn't able to find work around here. Didi has contacts all over the place and found her some work with the same chain of hotels she (Didi) works for. As we speak OldKentRoad is finishing her first week in her new job in Shrewsbury (Shropshire)! We all miss her extrovert presence around the house.

Nicola and Alice are fine. Not babies any more but little girls with minds of their own and zero sense of danger. I can see that we are all in for a lively time with them. It is sad that neither of them are going to have 4 "proper" grand parents. Ella's birth parents are not welcome here and the chasm between Ella and them is a wide as ever and there isn't any face-to-face contact between them and her any more. My BM is also a dead loss.

As for me (Eve). I decided against going down the PGCE route for a 2014 start. The university wasn't very encouraging and didn't seem very well organised when I went over for a visit. But the local FE college needs an A Level chemist from January 2014. They advertised twice with nil replies so when I phoned they were rather keen. I have got an interview on Monday 2nd December so think about me then please.

The guest bloggers are all in place and all produced material this month so that goes down as a good start. There are two more potential bloggers in the wings and I'm hoping that they will also want to join us. While I am on the subject of blogs I haven't had a single complaint about the new format from former readers of the emailed version. I had hoped that we had made the correct decision and my hopes came true. We are getting about 600 readers a month which is encouraging especially as the weekly trend is firmly upwards.

News from our friends
I think about you quite a lot and I do tend to worry if I don't hear from you for months at a time so do please keep the emails rolling in! Some of you know a good number of the other viewers but there are now some readers who only know a handful of the rest of us. I don't think this matters providing everybody is happy.

It is always rather sad when a friendship comes to an end or when something you have been a part of come to the end of its useful life. One of our grown-up friends is going through this at the moment and it has hit him rather hard. Ella and I are sending him a cyber hug.

StarsandStripes is one of our more distant members. She had a short stay in Phoenix, Arizona but has now moved to Scottsdale. She has a happy stable life and she feels that she is a good advert for the benefits of foster care.

Animal complained that she has a rather boring and uneventful life. We could do with a bit of that in our house at the moment!

PrestonPans is a member of the gradually increasing "working in a school" sub-group of our membership. Schools might not pay over-well but they do seem to offer a fair degree of stability which lots of us find rather appealing after all that has happened to us.

Nightjar is settling down well in Cleobury Mortimer. She isn't that far away from us so perhaps we could all meet up over Christmas?

WendysPal made us laugh with stories of the number of different "black economy" jobs she has had this year. Well into double figures with one of them only lasting 45 minutes before she walked out. This was cleaning for an Arab lady who "was quite clearly mad!"

Pinky always seems to email us from a library. Now I know why, she works there part time. I wasn't very bright not to have worked this out before was I?

MissPeanut is from Hull. Well she was because she moved when her birth parents became "even nastier" than usual. She is now just along the coast working at a tourist attraction + conference centre. The bosses are lovely but hopeless she says.

The small group of subscribers from South Wales are having a Christmas party. Didi is going to venture over the border to attend and perhaps she will write a report on how it all goes. As in previous years it is going to be Open House here over Christmas. If people can let me know when they are coming I can sort out the catering.

Love to you all.

Eve and Ella XXX

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