Monday, 25 November 2013

AC/DC - a guest blogger. Part 2

I managed to get Robbie to go round the charity shops with me yesterday. He kept looking at the DVDs and computer games rather than clothes. But he cannot wear the Settlers game can he, or eat it. We were lucky because we managed to find him a coat, two jumpers, two tea shirts and a pair of socks for £17.00. He even managed to look pleased so my training is working.

I have changed a lot of my jobs since the summer. I do one-part time job in a shop and quite lot of modelling and that earns us more than I used to get being a slave all week. I did one very cold modelling job this week. Basically standing by a JCB on a farm track in the wind. Just wearing wellies and safety glasses (the thing being advertised). As normal the photos go off to Germany and Poland to be used by firms there. Their models find nude modelling too cold!

I am going to have a look at motor bikes this week. But I don't think we can afford one until I have saved up some more money. I will not ask my foster parents for any more help either! :)

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