Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Didi - a guest blogger. Part 1

I’m Didi a former foster child.

This week the Hotel Manager has been on annual leave so Head Office should have allocated a temporary replacement. Of course they didn’t because of their drive to cut costs there are never enough temporary managers to meet the demand. So guess who has been Acting Manager? Step forward Didi!

The only other thing I have done is write my Will. I don’t have very much to leave so I have divided it into 5 equal shares. Two shares will go to people familiar to readers of this group. Magda will get 1 share and Nicola and Alice (Eve and Ella’s children) will also get one share.

Didi (16.08.13)

This week was the second week of the Hotel Manager's holiday. The replacement manager arrived and it has been like a new place to work!  He says please and thank you. He notices when somebody has done a good job or when they are starting to flag at the end of a double shift. He even communicates in sentences.  I wish he would stay!

I have been looking at a map of where all the adopted/fostered/Care Home kids I know live. The biggest group is in Worcestershire (so no surprise there) but there is another group in the Montgomery, Shrewsbury, Church Stretton triangle and another big group is in Blackpool. Blackpool is easy to explain with lots of jobs there that also have somewhere to live as part of the deal. This weekend I am going "up north" to see Eve and Ella. There is going to be somebody there they want me to meet so it all sounds very exciting. Yes I did say "I" because Magda is going back to Norway to see her family for 10 days - I'm pining already and she hasn't even gone yet.

Didi (22.08.13)

Rather sadly the replacement manager has left the building (like Elvis) and the hotel has returned to its former state. It is fairly frustrating when the working life of so many employees is made just a bit harder and more than a bit less enjoyable by just one person returning to work.

I need to continue with a grovel! For reasons not unconnected with typing messages in the very early morning I got the gender of AaBbCc wrong. Since I saw him quite recently this was a strange mistake to make and one DiFromLeeds would find hysterically funny! Now back on course I can tell interested readers that AaBbCc has been in touch and has shared a few memories of the first few months after he left foster care.

<Editing out some personal information> I used to go back sometimes for meals but for some reason finding youngsters I didn’t know in my house and in my bedroom used to upset me. I felt like I had been replaced like parts of a car after an MOT test. So I stopped going round so often and then stopped totally. I never told them how I felt which was stupid. But I made lots of stupid decisions from 18 to 21, like joining and leaving the Navy. I live on a boat, have a decent job and have sorted my life out so I feel quite pleased.

The mystery guest I saw at Eve and Ella's house was Eve's Mother. If I was being very diplomatic I would say she is unusual. If I was being less diplomatic I would say she was eccentric. In practice I would agree with Eve and exhibit jaw-dropping surprise that anybody could sit in a room with two lovely babies and totally and utterly and 100% blank them as if they were invisible. There is clearly something very wrong somewhere!!

Didi (29.08.13)

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