Monday, 18 November 2013

Kiwifruit - a guest blogger. Part 4

Sometimes I am still able to trot up and down the proverbial corridors of power. Thus it was that this weekend I found myself working with a focus group on “Helping the disadvantaged and disconnected”.

The group that is easiest (but not easy if you get my meaning) are those who want to be helped and who are also actively looking for help. Whatever our individual feelings about social media sites such as Facebook it is a statistical fact that many of our potential clients are likely to be (frequent) visitors. If you want to reach out to these people then an active and marketed Facebook presence is important. “Word of Mouth” is also an important factor – providing you can provide what the client needs then using those clients to attract newcomers is just common sense.

It is a sine qua non that any group, however well-meaning, that cannot get in touch with their specific target audience is wasting their time and is squandering both their own enthusiasm and time. Neither of these are an unlimited resource.  Setting up the infrastructure without  giving any thought  to marketing the provision seems to me to be height of folly: yet I see it happening again and again!
It is profoundly depressing to see energetic and well-meaning people battling away to keep their own personal fiefdom viable while blithely ignoring advice from people with years of experience.

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