Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Didi - a guest blogger. Part 4

Well I have had a dramatic couple of weeks and, amazingly, none of it has involved my job in the hotel!

Where before it was Didi and Magda it is now just Didi - yes I'm sorry to say that the two of us have split up. Magda has moved out of my flat and now is staying with friends on the other side of town. It was all done in a very civilised and semi-amicable way but I don't think what we once had can ever be resurrected. It's the old story being repeated for the nth time, where n is an exceptionally large number, where two people wanted different things from a relationship.

Magda was always more sensible and more laid back than me but, so it now seems, nothing could have been further from her mind than a civil partnership. When she realised that was the way my mind was starting to work she wanted out! As far as I know there wasn't any third party involved in the break up, certainly not one involving me that's for sure! We were together two years.

GraceT dropped into see me this week. If you wanted an example of a typical foster child I think she would be it. She was born into a dysfunctional family, she was neglected rather than abused, she had three different foster families and she remains fairly close to the last and longest lasting of the three. "Timing out" at 18 ruined her chances of going to university but she got some qualifications at a Further Education college. GraceT works in patient therapy in a hospital.

To counterbalance this sad news I had some good news from my foster parents. When they announced that he had been offered and had accepted a new job I was rather holding my breath that they would be moving even further away than Yorkshire. But no, the job is in north Somerset and within easy travelling distance of yours truly!

Somebody is absolutely bound to ask me about the OldKentRoad situation. Put it this way: for a while I have been fairly anti-religion and nothing in what happened to her has done anything to change my views. I wish I had been free to go up in the car to rescue her but Eve and Ella (and especially Zulu) did a great job by all accounts!

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